The Anchor Financial Collective is a management firm focused on music and arts.

We take care of it… so that you don’t have to.

We get it. When you’re focused on being creative it can be difficult to worry about the little things. Our team not only provides sound advice, we take care of the day-to-day details to ensure that your business keeps on ticking. 


  • Collect and deposit A/R
  • Budget for and pay A/P
  • Collect and manage revenue from all relevant royalty sources, with focus on ensuring payments are correct and on-time. Advocating for you with these agencies when required.
  • Forecast budgets based on upcoming release cycle and long term goals.
  • Help you identify new business opportunities that are not currently being pursued in order to maximize incoming revenue.
  • Compile and issue required reports to assist with grant completion requirements.
  • Manage tax reporting on your corporate and personal behalf – including, but not limited to, corporate income tax, personal income tax, etc.
  • Prepare financial statements 
  • Advise on corporate best practices, setting up new incorporations when required.
  • Review tendered contracts and agreements to ensure you are not exposed to anything financially untoward.
  • Integrate with your broader team in all activities that include a financial component.
  • Interact (as needed) with your tour manager (when on the road) to ensure reconciliations are completed and filed, tour merchandise is accounted for etc.
  • Cross-border tax planning and corporate structure if you are living or working abroad.

We take care of it… so that you don’t have to.

Anchor Financial Collective LLC
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